Richard O. Ladson
Norristown, PA 19401



Richard Ladson has over 45 years of diversified experience in software development and project management.  He has taught extensively at six local universities.  He is a Service Connected Disabled Veteran.

Mr. Ladson has extensive experience with Unix, Java, data base management and server-side web technologies.

Prior to his retirement in 2002, Mr. Ladson was a technology specialist for E-Commerce at Unisys Corporate Information Technology.   In this capacity he implemented EDI transactions (810, 867, 850) using java, XML, webMethods Integration Server and EDI tools.

He is a certified developer for the WebMethods B2B application integration server, versions 3 and 4.  He has 8 years of experience in using webMethods for EDI applications.

During his career with Unisys, Mr. Ladson has held technical and managerial positions, and has been responsible for the development of numerous leading-edge software products, including:

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)Telecommunication Applications

Programming LanguagesManufacturing Applications

Data Base Management SystemsAutomated Fingerprint Recognition

Transaction Processing SystemsE911 Call Dispatching

Mr. Ladson has skills in the following technologies:

WebMethods EDI

java UNIX

C language SQL, SQL/Plus, PL/SQL

Windows XML

Java Server Pages Servlets


Software DevelopmentLed the development and implementation of a custom production control system for a Fortune 50 corporation.  Utilized a UNIX system, Oracle data base, and C language.  The application tracked activities on the shop floor using barcode readers for data entry by machine operators.

Managed the development of more than twenty software products, including IMS/90 transaction processing system, DMS/90 data base management system, manufacturing applications, compilers, and utilities.  Managed a software R&D group consisting of 70 persons.

Project ManagementTechnical Manager for corporate-wide Year 2000 program.  Managed the initial installation of AFIS at a suburban police department in Arizona.  Directed conversion of 25,000 ten-prints and customer training on the system.

Managed the design and development of a generalized production control software product on the OS1100 and UNIX systems.

ConsultingProvided training, design assistance, C-programming, and UNIX internal support for the second largest retailer in the United States.

Provided technical consultation to a variety of clients regarding UNIX, Oracle, Informix, OLTP, C-programming, COBOL, and MAPPER 4GL.

Production Control SystemsLed the implementation of four distinct shop floor control applications, incorporating 4GL technology, relational data base, transaction processing, and bar code data collection.

Fingerprint RecognitionProvided services for the Automated Fingerprint Identification System (AFIS).  The services provided are project management, testing, installation, customer training and operational consulting.  Utilized knowledge of client/server technology, UNIX operating system and experience in Oracle and OLTP


IT Consultant2001-present

Computer Sciences Corp at Internal Revenue Service. Lanham, Md.

WebMethods Corporation, Instructor

Accenture and CGI/AMS at Department of State, Reston, VA

CACI at Navy Supply Depot, Mechnicsburg, PA

Crowe Chizek Professional Services at Johnson and Johnson (LifeScan), San Jose, California

Deloitte Professional Services at 7-11, Dallas, Texas

webMethods Professional Services at INCO, Toronto, Canada

webMethods Professional Services at Exostar, Herndon, VA

webMethods Professional Services at National Bank of Canada, Montreal, CA

Independent contractor at Firmenich, Inc., Princeton, NJ

webMethods Professional Services at IRS, Lanham, MD

webMethods Professional Services at Defense Finance and Accounting System (DFAS), Denver, CO

webMethods Professional Services at Defense Supply Center (DSCC), Columbus, OH

American Management Systems, Fairfax, VA

Unisys Corporation, Blue Bell, PA



Technology Specialist

Implemented several EDI transactions using webMethods B2B tools.  Wrote customized flow services in java.   Employed FTP, SMTP, and http protocols to exchange data between systems.


Technology Manager for Team 2000

Selected tools to assist clients in renovating their legacy applications to insure Y2K compliance.  Conducted IT audit for major insurance company to detect Y2K vulnerabilities.


IT Consultant

Provided Unix expertise for Kmart Corporation, configured and supported over 2,000 retail stores for point-of-sale and receiving applications.


Development Manager, Applications Software

Served as Principal Programmer for development of shop floor control system for GE Syracuse.  Project involved use of unix, oracle, and TCP/IP networking technologies.


Staff Consultant to VP Software Development

Developed plan for implementing distributed processing enhancements to Unisys mainframe systems.


Development Manager, Systems Software

Managed advanced software development group focusing on compilers, data base systems, horizontal applications, and operating systems.


Unisys representative at M.I.T., Project MAC

Served as Unisys representative to “Project MAC” timesharing project at MIT. 


Systems Analyst

Developed programs to process telemetry data received from NASA geophysical and solar satellites.


U. S. Army, The Pentagon, Washington, D.C.

Performed mathematical calculations supporting scientific military experiments.



Missile Test Engineer.  Developed programs to evaluate results of test launches of the ATLAS missile.


MBA, Temple University
MS Engineering Science. Pennsylvania State University
BS Engineering Mathematics, Wayne State University

Adjunct Instructor, LaSalle University, MBA Program
Adjunct Instructor, St. Joseph's University, MBA Program
Adjunct Instructor, Villanova University, Computer Science
Adjunct Instructor, Penn State University, UNIX and C
Instructor, Penn State University, Great Valley Graduate Business School
Instructor, Penn State University, Great Valley Graduate Engineering School