As a youth of 21, while still an innocent, I was still looking for the love of my life. One night at a dance I thought I had found her. At first she rejected my advances, refusing to dance with me, but at the end of the dance she approached me and asked for a ride home. I recognized a come-on when I saw one so I agreed, even though she lived 45 miles in the wrong direction.

While driving I pondered how to get her to ask me in for milk and cookies, when she announced, “You know Richard, I have mononucleosis and hepatitis, which are highly contagious”. I was blown away; she actually did care for me and was truly interested in my health. She could have just ravished me for my body, but she exercised restraint for my benefit.

I responded, “Well, could I have your phone number?” She said “Of course, but mono sometimes lasts up to six months, so why don’t you call me then”.  Then she gave me her number; I will never forget it, WE-6-1212.

Unfortunately our romance withered because every time I called her, all she wanted to do to do was talk about the weather.